I put this site up to help people everywhere learn how they can save money on their cable or satellite bill. In some instances you can actually kill your cable or satellite bill. As a population   becoming more connected, we will learn how to save even more money on entertainment endeavors.Internet on my TV is a website designed to help you become  alittle more connected through the use of simple media devices connected to your HDTV. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, a router, and either a smart or a dumb HDTV. With a dumb TV, by that I mean a TV that is incapable of Internet apps, you will need an additional media device. This is how I got Internet on my TV. This particular television was about two and half years old without Internet apps. You can now purchase Smart TVs, by that I mean an  HDTV equipped with built-in WiFi and Internet apps.

> You can accomplish this simple task in several ways:
> A  Blu-Ray with Internet apps
>A Gaming Console
>A simple Media Device  such as a Roku
>Google TV, devices made by Sony and Logitech with which you can actually browse the Internet on your TV

A Network Router a device that connects your computer to your HDTV

The latter is how I got Internet on my TV.